RAF Mod Band - Split Town

New Album

Split Town


Enjoy a preview of our new album, and then head to your digital distributor of choice to stream or purchase.  Or for you vinyl lovers, click on the “buy vinyl” icon to go to our record label Time For Action Records’ website to order a physical copy of the record.

1. Want You To Know 1:00
2. Zombie Girl 1:00
3. Little Generals 1:00
4. Bombs 1:00
5. Mary Goes Round 1:00
6. Something To Believe 1:00
7. New Mod Song 1:00
8. Split Town 1:00
9. Get What You Get 1:00
10. Sussed Up And Free 1:00
11. Good Reaction 1:00
12. Right Way 1:00




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"RAF Mod Band really outdid themselves in creating this mod-revival jewel chock-full of hints of the good old days where the Kinks, the Who, the Small Faces and the briscola company dominated the British and American scene."

Andrea Volpin - Blogger, Pinball Wizard

"The mixture that the RAF Mod Band has brewed here is first class...and the sound of the new album "Split Town" is well equipped for the new "Roaring Twenties" which are about to start."

Michael Kleine - Owner/Founder, 33rpmPVC.de

“(They are) a living, breathing mod band cracking out power pop for the people…playing original mod songs with all the tight dynamics and short chord changes of the early Who, Kinks and Small Faces.”

Inessa - Music Director, Portland Radio Project

“This particular RAF drop their bombs in the form of 3 minute, punchy, full on, danceable tunes.”

Ice Cream Man - Podcaster, Ice Cream Man Power Pop and More!

“For being new on the scene, these guys sure are making a splash! Hailing from Portland, they are feeding the masses a very Mod revival infused sound that gets your feet stomping and your fists pumping.”

DJ Penny Lane - Podcaster, Punks In Parkas

“Inspired by bands like the Kinks, RAF is a full-on mod act, playing tight, mid-tempo punk rock that begs to be bounced to.”

Jason Simms - Special Contibutor, The Oregonian


RAF was formed in 2011 with a simple goal – create punchy, danceable, music with as much style and attitude as possible. This is Mod music from Across the Pond. A full frontal assault of catchy 3 minute songs delivered in sharp suits and vintage instruments. No standing around. Come be a part of “The British Inversion.”
(photos by Kimberli Swenson – Impressions in Light Photography)

Chris Rich
Josh Millman
John Crawford
Brad Pharis


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